The Access to Sports Project is a community led, innovative sports development project that has historically worked across the London boroughs of Islington, Hackney & Haringey. The project originally started off working in the Finsbury Park regeneration area in 2002 with 1 full time staff member, through a successful track record of project delivery and fundraising the Project now employs 9 full time and over 30 sessional members of staff. Access to Sports is an ‘on the ground’ organisation delivering responsive and relevant sports programmes in tune with local and national agendas.

Working with partners from the voluntary, community and statutory sectors A2S delivers targeted programmes directly addressing some of the social and economical issues that effect London’s ‘hard to reach’ communities. Developing partnerships strengthens the effectiveness of the projects delivered and creates sustainability in what we do.

Our overarching aims are to:

  1. Provide training, support and volunteer opportunities for local people enabling them to become involved in sports coaching.
  2. Organise a range of accessible and progressive sports activities for young people.
  3. Provide support and assistance to local organisations interested in delivering sports.

We are also committed to:

  • Improving health– through a range of sporting and physical activities, providing children and young people with the physical literacy and skills, which will remain throughout their lives.
  • Reducing crime– by providing constructive and creative activities sensitive to the needs of young people who are involved in, or are at risk of being involved in, anti social behavior and crime.
  • Increasing social inclusion– by providing opportunities for participation by males and females, people from minority ethnic backgrounds, people with disabilities and people who are economically disadvantaged.
  • Developing People – by using sport as the vehicle for building self-confidence, learning/ improving skills and abilities, working as part of a team and moving people on to access wider provision.
  • Building Communities – promoting social cohesion through volunteering and shared activity.
  • Increasing employment – through the operation of new opportunities and the delivery of vocational qualifications.

Our nationally recognized awards

London Youth Quality Mark Bronze Accredited 2019-22 Street Games Encouraging Girls Participation in Sport