EGPiS (Encouraging Girls Participation in Sport)

We were one of the partners in the EU-funded, pilot EGPiS project, which was designed to develop research and a resource for tackling sporting participation drop-off rates amongst girls and young women.

We worked in partnership with a University, local government and NGOs from Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Turkey and Portugal as well as Mount Carmel School, Highbury Fields School and Isledon Partnership in Islington. The EGPiS project featured research in the form of existing literature, focus groups with professionals, evaluations from young people and the delivery of pilot activities. We worked with 126 girls aged 13 – 17 years across 5 programmes equating to 9 sessions a week during term time and additional programmes during school holidays. Sessions were designed to be fun, offer a variety of sports and physical activities in a non-competitive and social environment. The project enabled us to further build insight and understanding into the barriers and motivations which impact on female participation in sports, which we have applied in planning and delivering of enhanced and improved programmes across Islington. All of this learning was documented into a guide which can be found HERE

In 2018 we will also be taking part in EGPiS2 with partners from Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal, Latvia and Bulgaria. The project will further research on the social factors encouraging girls participation in sports resulting in a creation of a user friendly video tutorial for girls, families, teachers/instructors and decision makers.

Further information on the EGPiS project, including background research, surveys and details of activities undertaken can be found here:

EGPiS U18s Women

This Girl Can Islington

We deliver a number of programmes as part of This Girl Can Islington which is an exclusively female only project that takes its inspiration from the This Girl Can campaign. It aims for women and girls aged 14+ of Islington to feel inspired about taking part in sport and fitness activities by bouncing, jumping, dancing, working out, freaking out, laughing and ultimately having a great time.

We deliver weekly:

Netball sessions at Sobell Leisure Centre for 8-19 year olds.

Basketball sessions which have developed into an A2S Basketball women’s under 18’s team that have just successfully completed their first season in the London CBL League.

Football sessions which have grown in popularity and include social and competitive aspects competing regularly in a local friendly league.

Tennis sessions on the Andover estate for local residents.

Fitness classes at Elizabeth House Community Centre in Blackstock Road, Sobell Leisure Centre and the Hilldrop community centre in Holloway.

Multi Sports sessions at Brickworks Community Centre and Whittingham Park Community Association in partnership with Octopus Communities.

This Girl Can

FunFit Females

We deliver a successful programme in partnership with Lift Youth Hub to engage young women in dance, boxercise, gym, yoga and social activities. We also introduced a new session at Sobell Leisure Centre and extra sessions during the summer holidays.


As part of the Us Girls programme in partnership with StreetGames we delivered weekly roller skating sessions at Gladesmore Community School in Tottenham targeting non sporty girls (12+) into new activities to engage them into physical activity.

Doorstep Sportclub